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Brittany Long is a Melbourne-based live music and entertainment photographer on wheels. Long has an eye for freezing the atmosphere of live shows, inviting audiences to relive the energy and passion through her compelling photographs. She is renowned for 'doing whatever it takes to get the shot'. Beyond the camera, she champions accessibility and inclusivity in the music industry with her 'Stairing Through the Lens' portrait project, photographing musicians on stairs at music venues and festivals across Australia.

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Photo by Eugene Canty

Photo by Pat Stevenson


We first worked with Brittany quite early on in her photography career and I knew quite early on that she had something special. She is a very skilled and passionate professional who has exceeded expectations every time we have had her take photos at our shows. She makes us all look like rock stars! I couldn’t recommend her services enough!
-Jesse Tekin
A New Way Home

I met Brittany (Simply Photographz) in Melbourne in 2018 during Nautical Mile’s ‘A Life Worth Dying For’ East Coast tour. Upon meeting Brittany there was quite an approachable, warm presence about her which she then was able to continue the inspiration for myself as a musician as we swapped stories after the show. I have had the pleasure of having Brittany not only take some amazing action stage shots of myself and my band, but she has also been able to capture the true essence of Brodi Owen the vocalist and the individual through her writing. I have been able to be apart of Brittany’s career early on and I thoroughly look forward to seeing what this woman’s determination and persistence allows her to do. Kudos to you Simply Photographz

- Brodi Owen
Lead vocalist of Nautical Mile

Shooting with Brittany was exciting and fun. Her quirky angles, creative imagination and crisp-clear cutting edge images really defines the professionalism of such a talented photographer. I strongly recommend her for not only high quality images, but also a great experience throughout the shooting process.

-Lachlan Hilston

My band The Velvet Club hired Brittany to shoot our show and I couldn’t recommend her enough. She’s super passionate about what she does and will do anything to get the best shot! She’s a great photographer as her portfolio shows and she’s a great person to have around at gigs! Always amazed when she sends through the final product!

-Aj Tilyard
The Velvet Club

Britt is hands down one of the most talented photographers we've ever worked with! Her dedication to what she does shines through, both in the quality of the photos she puts out and how wonderful she is to have around. We feel so privileged to have had her shoot us and look forward to working together again.

-Stefan Sepulveda

I first met Brittany while supporting Sarah McLeod of The Superjesus. I was instantly surprised with her enthusiasm for live music and a real interest for the art that i was performing. Britt has a great eye for capturing a shot at the perfect moment, with a real natural feel and emotion. But what I love the most about Britt is that she treats you like an old friend,which is rare today. 

-Mick Rinaldi 
Solo artist & Frontman of Zakytuss

My band The Monkey Bunz got Brittany to shoot our set at Matthew Flinders Hotel and we were blown away with the photos we received! Great angles, amazing edits!!! She was super fun to work with and made us all feel super comfortable! She is super professional and we definitely want Britt back to shoot our next shows!

-Zach Gulavin
The Monkey Bunz

Brittany is one of our favourite photographers. Not only are the photos amazing, but she’s incredibly kind and it is a breath of fresh air to be around. Her professionalism is second to none, and she always makes the effort to come and say hi afterwards. We wish she could be at every show!

-British India

To say the very least, Brittany is an inspiring and talented human being. Britt approached me on social media to ask if she could be part of - and photograph - my first ever solo singing event. I wasn’t planning on having a photographer, but when I got access to her story, and most importantly, HER WORK - I just knew I had to get her on board. She’s the most down-to-Earth individual and super professional. 


My band Lemon Daze had Brittany shoot some photos at a show and could not have been more happy with the results. As a drummer, I find photographers never get any photos of me at all but nothing was stopping Brittany from climbing up on the side of stage and getting the photos needed! Her passion and dedication to photography and her craft is why I would always recommend her! We can't wait to have her back!

-Kristian Pursche
Lemon Daze

I recently had the absolute pleasure of being photographed by the amazing Brittany. It was a wonderful experience and I truly believe she has a gift unique to her alone. I would recommend her to anyone interested in having live images done. She is willing to do anything to capture the perfect photo and is extremely polite and professional to deal with. I believe she is one of a kind and everytime I see her work it blows me away. I'm looking forward to my next show so I can work with her all over again!

-Alana Joanne

Brittany is an incredible photographer who has helped me bring my vision to life for multiple cover and concept shoots for my music releases. I love her live music photography as well, she’s the first person I will ask if I want photos done for anything!

-Alex Carpi

Britt first caught my attention zooming around at laneway fest and I thought this girl is a BOSS!! I hired her services initially for my first co headline show and was beyond impressed! Her ability to capture both moments onstage, but also make me feel confident in offstage shots is out of this world. Besides being a master of her craft, she is also just genuinely a blast to have around. I LOVE U BRITT! Don’t think I’ll ever not have her at my gigs now!!!

-Matilda Pearl

As a band we tend to be indecisive when it comes to things like photoshoots, as we never really know what we want. Thankfully, Britt took all the hard work out it for us. Britt has an amazing eye for angles and shots, and has a unique creative perspective that left us with photos we couldn’t be happier with. We would absolutely love to work with her again in the future. She’s passionate about what she does, and really knows how to get the best out of who/what she’s shooting. Thanks Britt!


Britt is an incredible photographer, who has a great eye for detail. With our Sisters Doll show, we have a lot going on… Pyrotechnics, flames, lasers and all sorts! For her to capture those moments with such distinction and clarity is a talent in itself. Every image is crisp when we receive the photos back, which helps to keep up with social media these days. Apart from taking photos, she’s an incredibly great person to work with and we look forward to working with her for future shows.

-Sisters Doll

We’ve worked with Britt a few times now and she’s always so incredible! Her attitude and professionalism are second to none, and her skill behind the camera really speaks for itself. She’s up for any challenge and always gets the shot. The best part is she delivers the product quickly so you won’t be waiting too long to see your photos!!

-Ellis Ares

I was taken aback by one of Brittany’s photos that she took of U.S. group, Vintage Trouble. I got in touch and we finally worked on our first project together for a showcase event for Melbourne rock group, Lipstereo. I just received the photos back from the show. Her brief was to capture live shots, some backstage footage and industry shots. I was excited to see she captured the essence of the band and experimented with colour and composition… on the fly. We really didn’t have a plan but Brittany certainly had a strong idea of what she wanted and was a very good communicator. I can honestly say that there are photos in this collection that will become band classics in the years to come. Apart from her professionalism, Brittany is easy to get along with and she is now part of the artist services team at our label, Pop Preservation Society. We have already commissioned her to do behind the scenes photos for an upcoming music video release and I would strongly recommend Brittany as a music photographer for anyone in the music or entertainment industry.

-Victor Stranges
Pop Preservation Society

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